Cold drinks Price AI
Water (still or sparkling) 2,70 € X
Soft drinks 20 cl. 2,70 € X
Juices 20 cl. 2,70 € X
Energy drink 3,90 €
Hot drinks Price AI
Expresso 2,00 € X
American coffee, expresso with a dash of milk and white coffee 2,70 € X
Tea, infusions or chocolate 2,80 € X
Irish coffee, Calypso or Whisky cream 6,00 € X
Beers and ciders Price AI
Half Pint 3,00 € X
Non Alcoholic Beer 3,50 € X
Pint 4,00 € X
Desperados, Budweiser 4,00 €
Original bottle Mangers cider 6,00 €
Kopparberg strawberry/lime cider 6,00 €
Kopparberg wildberry fruits cider 6,75 €
Wine and Sangria Price AI
Glass of wine 4,00 € X
Tinto de verano 4,00 € X
Glass of Sangria 5,00 € X
Glass of Cava’s Sangria 6,00 € X
Sangría 1l. 11,00 € X
Cava’s Sangria 1l. 15,00 € X
Aperitif Price AI
Vermut Rosso, Dry, Bianco or Tio Pepe 6,00 € X
Dry and sweet Majorca Herbs Liquor 4,00 € X
Aperol Spritz 7,50 €
Cava Price AI
House Cava Cup 4,00 € X
House Cava 12,00 €
Tropical cocktail bar Price AI
Pina Colada (White rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice) €8.00 X
Singapore Sling (Chopped fruit, gin, cherry brandy, orange juice) €8.00 X
Apple Martini (Vodka, apple liqueur, lemon juice) €8.00 X
Daiquiri (Rum, lemon juice, brown sugar) €7.50 X
Mojito (Original and flavoursome) (Rum, brown sugar, lime, mint leaves) €8.00 X
Mai-tai (Rum, Amaretto, Cointreau, lemon juice, pineapple juice) €8.00 X
Pimm's Cocktail (sliced fruit, Pimm's, Sprite, mint leaves) €8.00 X
Long Island Ice Tea (Rum, tequila, Cointreau, vodka, gin, lemon, cola) €8.00 X
Sex on the Beach (Vodka, peach liqueur and pineapple and orange juice) €7.50 X
Tequila Sunrise (Tequila, orange juice, grenadine) €7.50 X
Classic Cocktail Price AI
Margarita (Tequila, Cointreau, lemon juice) €8.00 X
Cosmopolitan (Vodka, Cointreau, lemon juice, cranberry juice) €8.00 X
Negroni (Campari, gin, red Martini) €8.00 X
Whiskey Ginger Sour (Whiskey, lemon juice, ginger) €8.00 X
White lady (Whiskey, lemon juice, ginger) €8.00 X
Without alcohol Price AI
San Francisco (Orange, peach juice, pineaple and grenadine) €6.00 X
Shirley Temple (Sprite, grenadine) €6.00 X
Purple Princess (Orange juice, whipped cream, blackcurrant) €6.00 X
Sensi's Special (Sprite, non-alcoholic curaçao) €6.00 X