Burgers Price AI
Burger and fries €6.50 X
Burger €6.00 X
Cheeseburger and fries €7.00 X
Cheeseburger €6.50 X
hot dogs
hot dog with fries €5.50 X
Hot dog €5.00 X
Nuggets with potatoes €3.50 X
Nuggets €3.00 X
Mixed sandwich with potatoes 5.00 X
sandwich 4.50 X
French fries portion 3.00 X
Refreshments Price AI
Water with or without gas €2.70 X
Refreshments €2.70 X
juices €2.70 X
smoothies €2.80 X
Cane €3.00 X
Alcohol-free beer €3.50 X
Just coffee €2.00 X
American coffee, cut or with milk €2.70 X
Infusions, chocolate or chocolate coffee €2.80 X